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Got the opportunity to see some of America's finest craftsmanship up close.  These machines are magnificent and had to be terrifying to see, if they were coming for you.


IMG_6642IMG_6642 IMG_6620IMG_6620 IMG_6612IMG_6612 IMG_6633IMG_6633 IMG_6637IMG_6637

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Spring Shower


A spring shower brought these guys out


IMG_5812IMG_5812 IMG_5776IMG_5776 IMG_5810IMG_5810

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Spring is HERE!  

IMG_5425IMG_5425 The arrival of these guys and the new garden enhancements are all signs that spring has arrived.


IMG_5599IMG_5599 IMG_5615IMG_5615 IMG_5646IMG_5646 IMG_5374-EditIMG_5374-Edit

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Spring has arrived in the Mid-South.  These little guys are having a great time running around the park.


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Clematis in Bloom  

IMG_4680IMG_4680 Spring has arrived in Tennessee.  Her flowers are begining to bloom and the Clematis are leading the way!

IMG_4683IMG_4683 IMG_4684IMG_4684 IMG_4685IMG_4685

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Millington Super Chevy Show Last Sunday we had the opportunity to attend the Super Chevy Show at the Millington International Speedway.  There were hundreds of beautiful cars, but the Corvettes (Classic) is what caught my eye.

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Its COLD in Tennessee Well, winter has truly arrived.  Beautiful as it may be, the snow and ice make getting around town difficult, dangerous and sometimes impossible.  However, photography opportunities are everywhere.

untitled-3093-Edituntitled-3093-Edit untitled-3096untitled-3096

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Fall in Tennessee untitled-9087untitled-9087 Looking out the window yesterday, I noticed her roses with some fresh blooms.  I thought that the flag and fall trees would make for an interesting background.

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Collierville TN in the Fall  

untitled-2296untitled-2296 We recently had the chance to spend the day with our daughter in Collierville TN.  A relaxing day of lunch and (Holy Moly!) shopping.  But, they're worth it.  I love the both so much


untitled-2200untitled-2200 untitled-2213untitled-2213 untitled-2294untitled-2294

untitled-2211untitled-2211 untitled-2220untitled-2220

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Morning Visitor Hummingbird_0027Hummingbird_0027 This little gal has been hanging around lately.  She viciously guards the feeder as if it were her own.


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Shelby Farms Cruising through Shelby Farms this morning brought out some wonderful colors of the pending season change.

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Nature Walk untitled-0166untitled-0166

A walk down the nature trail at Strawberry Plains Nature Center, located in Holly Springs Mississippi.  It was an absolutely beautiful day and the walk was amazingly scenic.



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Sky Before Eclipse untitled-9885untitled-9885

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Product Shot Storeys SpeakeasyStoreys Speakeasy

A good friend's birthday is coming up, so I thought I make him something nice for his home bar!

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Birds of our Yard  




untitled-9156untitled-9156 These guys were in our yard this week.  A Mississippi Kite who was busy with its mate building a nest and this Red Headed Woodpecker who just stopped by for a treat.



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Deer in Davies Plantation untitled-6517untitled-6517 An afternoon drive through Davies Plantation is usually filled with sightings of many deer who have become quite accustomed to foraging for food in neighborhood yards. 

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Humming around the yard untitled-5958untitled-5958

While enjoying our coffee & tea this morning, this little girl came to visit.  I guess it's getting close to the migration time and they're beginning to eat and drink more.


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Cool and Refreshing untitled-8814-Edituntitled-8814-Edit

Met a local entrepreneur who is beginning to market a new wine with a catchy twist on the name.  We shot a few promo shots and can’t wait to get our first taste.

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Happy Birthday untitled-5762untitled-5762

We had an opportunity to photograph a young lady's 3rd birthday party and to meet some amazing and wonderful people.  There were live horses, face painting and delicious and much needed Snow Cones.


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4th of July Fireworks in Bartlett Tennessee

We got the chance to watch and photograph the Bartlett Fireworks Extravaganza.  A great fireworks display celebrating a great country!  Be sure to check out the rest of the photos under the "Featured" area of this website.


Here is a video compilation of all the photographs...enjoy!



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